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Tutorials, demos and whitepapers of web services technologies and  products.

Apache AXIS
  • Apache AXIS 1.0 Tutorial:
    Beginner's introduction to Apache AXIS.
  • AXIS: The New Incarnation of Apache SOAP:
    An in-depth examination of AXIS architecture and features

Apple Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X: Making XML-RPC and SOAP Requests with AppleScript:
    Describes how to use the Apple Script and Apple Event Manager in Mac OS X to make RPC calls using SOAP and XML-RPC

BEA WebLogic Workshop
  • WebLogic Workshop e-docs:
    Collection of articles that introduce BEA's web services visual development environment.
    homepage | software

  • The Knowledge Kit:
    Introduces PushToTest's web services testing system; includes a tutorial on BEA WebLogic Workshop
  • The Encoding Kit:
    Explores the scalability differences between SOAP encoding styles
  • The Performance Kit:
    A comprehensive overview of web service performance factors

Choreology Cohesions
  • Choreology Cohesions 1.0 Preview Package:
    Preview package for Cohesions 1.0, a management platform for web services transactions.  Includes live demonstration of  web service transactions using OASIS BTP (Business Transaction Protocol).
    package | BTP demo

Collaxa Web Services Orchestration Server
  • Collaxa BPEL4WS Tutorial:
    Implement a real-world BPEL4WS business flow with Collaxa's orchestration server
    tutorial | application
  • Collaxa WSOS 2.0: An Introduction:
    Whitepaper introducing Collaxa's Web Service Orchestration Server. 
    whitepaper  | software

  • IONA XMLBus:
    Shows how to transform a java application to a web service using IONA's XMLBus product
    tutorial | software

Microsoft .NET
  • VB.NET: Write a Simple Web Service by Using Visual Basic .NET:
    Building a web service using MS VB.NET

Oracle 9i AS
  • Oracle 9i Web Services Tutorials:
    Collection of tutorials showing how to use the Oracle 9i web services platform / tools.  Recent updates include a tutorial on Web Services Dynamic Invocation and a tutorial on Web Services Security.
    tutorials | fbs example

  • Getting Started with SOAP::Lite:
    Simple tutorial for SOAP::Lite, the widely used SOAP stack for Perl


SOAP Client
  • Using SOAP Client:
    Tutorial introducing SOAP Client, a C++ Client library for the Windows platform

Systinet WASP
  • Creating a Web Service in 30Minutes:
    Tutorial, published as an article on the Server Side, showing the development of a web service using the Systinet platform.

The Mind Electric GLUE
  • Getting Started with GLUE:
    Simple tutorial for The Mind Electric's GLUE web services platform

UDICo TierBroker
  • TierBroker Easy SOAP Now:
    Whitepaper walking through UDICo's TierBroker web services platform; includes a tutorial on using TierBroker to create web services.

webMethods Enterprise Web Services
  • webMethods Tutorials:
    Collection of tutorials on using the webMethods platform to create web services.
    homepage | software


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